Admitted Students

Welcome from the Chair of UC Berkeley’s Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department Alper Atamturk


Congratulations and welcome to Berkeley Analytics! Our admissions committee has enthusiastically recommended you for admission for Fall 2022 to UC Berkeley’s Master of Analytics degree program. We are impressed with your academic accomplishments and strong interest in changing the world for the better with analytics.

At Berkeley Analytics, you will find a welcoming community of faculty, students, and staff to guide you through your studies. In addition, as a UC Berkeley alumn, you will join a lifelong network supporting your career journey beyond graduation. We are glad to welcome you to the UC Berkeley community and hope you will join us.

This new admit website provides the resources to help you navigate the next steps. Please take the time to read through the information on these pages and attend our Virtual Visit Webinar.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff is here to answer your questions and offer advice.

Admit Next Steps

Please take the time to read through the important information here. Secure your spot by Friday, April 15, 2022.

Virtual Visit Day

Join us on Wednesday, March 30, 4 PM PDT, for a Virtual webinar Information Session and Social gathering.


Meet your cohort!

Get to know the IEOR current student profile, faculty, and staff. Coming Soon: Meet your future Master of Analytics cohort!

Why UC Berkeley IEOR?

IEOR grads figure out how to make things better.

Picture yourself at the headquarters for a large system of hospitals, where your job is to optimize their emergency rooms, to serve more patients and save valuable resources.

IEOR grads understand logistics

Imagine it’s your job to design a supply chain to efficiently distribute a vaccine to millions of people from various suppliers around the world.

IEOR grads help products achieve perfection.

You might oversee the production of electric vehicles that reduce carbon emissions and create the future of autonomous fleets for urban mobility.

IEOR grads learn the latest data science tools.

Envision a future at a leading technology company, using your skills to develop the next generation platform for artificial intelligence.

IEOR grads configure processes and systems that improve quality and productivity.

Imagine you work at a famous coffee house chain, designing the store layout so that customers can get their morning cup of coffee faster.